Whitening your teeth your self

White teeth are attractive, regardless of age. There is something special with a dazzling white smile. A white smile gives a fresh and youthful appearance and it also provides a boost of confidence. To be able to smile without hiding your mouth with your hands is a wonderful feeling that everyone should experience, and now your dream smile is just a few clicks away!
If you would rather whiten your teeth naturally, we have the latest products from the United States. Here you can read more about natural teeth whitening. Want to get help choosing the teeth whitening that suits you?

Whitening teeth with products from Beconfident works exactly as at the dentist. You will see results after the first treatment.
We'll tell you just how the teeth whitening process works, but let's start by describing why teeth become discolored.

Your teeth get discolored by colored particles from things like coffee, tea, food and tobacco that accumulate for a long time on the tooth's enamel. This is practically inevitable. Whitening your enamel restores natural whiteness. Bleaching gel containing an active substance, sodium bicarbonate, effectively removes colored dirt; which makes your teeth white again.
Whitening your teeth will not damage or alter your enamel. Beconfident's products are based on a gentle yet effective substance, sodium bicarbonate, which is completely natural. Our products have a pH value of 6.5, which is almost identical to the oral cavity's natural pH of about 7. As an example, a regular soda has a pH of 2.9.

Complete Start Kit

Whitening your teeth is easy and should be done in 4 steps:

1. Shape mouth trays

2. Apply whitening gel on the trays and put them against your teeth

3. Leave in for 15 minutes

4. Rinse and brush your teeth

Shaping mouth trays
First, mold the mouth trays according to your teeth. Form one mouth tray at a time. Start by heating the water until it boils and then dip the mouthtray for a few seconds until it begins to shrink (the mouth tray is now soft and malleable). Place the tray in the mouth, push together softly but detirmined with your fingers until you feel that it is shaped to your teeth. The mouth tray can easily be reshaped if you are not satisfied with the result; simply repeat the procedure with hot water. When you are satisfied, rinse gently in cold water - it is now ready to be used.

Apply dental bleaching gel
Brush your teeth gently with a toothbrush without toothpaste. Unscrew the cap on the tube / syringe and apply a bit of bleaching gel in the tray. Then place the dental guard as usual in your mouth. We recommend that you bleach one row of teeth at a time, because the lower teeth are often more discolored than the upper. By bleaching a row of teeth at a time, you get better control and visibility so that you get the results you want.

Leave in
Now, let the gel work and we recommend a treatment time of about 15 minutes for the gel to reach the full effect.

Rinse and brush your teeth
Now is the time to enjoy the results of your whitening. Rinse your teeth with water that you spit out. Brush your teeth - look in the mirror and smile!
Would you like some extra joy while protecting your teeth from stains? Here you will find our popular dental gloss. Tooth Gloss.

Here you can find more information about Teeth Whitening and here you can go directly to our teeth whitening start kit. startkit för tandblekning.

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