Whitening teeth at home

Whitening teeth at home is easy and the result is just as good as at the dentist. There are many advantages to whitening your teeth at home, you decide when it suits you best and you stop treatment when you have achieved the results you desire. More people are choosing to whiten their teeth at home rather than at the dentist. The main reason is that the price of a home whitening is considerably lower. Another reason is that a whitening at home gives the same result.

How to whiten your teeth at home?

It is easy to whiten your teeth yourself, you use mouth trays and whitening gel or whitening foams. The gel is applied to the mouth trays and then placed on the teeth and the process starts immidiately. When you do it at home you can also do other things in the meantime, however we do recommend to be silent. Over 50,000 satisfied customers have chosen Beconfident's products, click on the link below to go directly to our Start Kit.

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